11Call for Action Fact Check On Affordable Care Act

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I've talked to a lot of experts about the Affordable Care Act, and I won't lie to you.

It's complicated and it's really important to do your homework.

That's why KKTV is part of Well3 Pikes Peak.

We've teamed up with local doctors, insurance companies and medical experts to give you as much information as possible and help you make educated health care choices for you and your family.

Here are some simple facts you'll need to know:

First, you don't have to enroll if you have health coverage through your employer, or if you are on Medicare or Medicaid.

The Affordable Care Act is only for those who don't have any health insurance or don't have enough.

Enrollment began Tuesday, October 1, but you have until March 31, 2014 to sign up.

If you enroll by December 15, your coverage will begin next January 2014.

If you choose not to enroll, you won't have any health coverage at all and you'll pay a penalty. It's $100 if you earn $20,000, $200 if you make $30,000, and $300 if you bring home $40,000 a year.
That penalty will double in 2015.

You can enroll over the phone or online, and certified guides and brokers can help you choose the best plan because prices vary.

Almost half a million Coloradans will be eligible for a new kind of tax credit to help cover monthly premiums. Some may also be able to get free coverage.

If you'd like to learn more come to one of our town hall meetings.

The next one is Wednesday, October 2 starting at 4:30 p.m. at the El Paso County Citizens Service Center.