Presidential Inauguration

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President Bush along with FirstLady Laura Bush, and their twin daughters, began the morning of his second inauguration worshipping at St. Johns Episcopal Church.

Then it was on to the U.S. capitol for a day steeped in tradition and ritual, where Congress, the Supreme court, dignataries, friends, and family awaited a speech that would commit the nation to an international push for liberty and human rights.

Vice President Dick Cheney took his oath of office, then Chief justice William Rhenquist who recently had a tracheotomy as part of his battle against an aggressive type of thyroid cancer
hoarsely swore in the President.

After a 21 gun salute, the President delivered a 21 minute inaugural address, with a sweeping pledge to spread liberty and freedom to what he called the darkest corners of the world.

Mr. Bush argued that the survival of freedom at home hinges on the spread of liberty world wide and pledged a proactive agenda to accomplish it.