Pumpkin Tradition Ends

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A fall tradition has ended in Southern Colorado. And it means hundreds of disappointed families this Halloween. The Pumpkin Man, Nick Venetucci, said his Halloween tradition of handing out free pumpkins is over.

The Pumpkin Man has been putting smiles on the faces of Southern Colorado kids for a half a century. An estimated 1,000,000 children visited his farm near Security over the years. Families and entire school classes make it an annual trek. They love going there to pick out the biggest pumpkins and bring them home.

But not this year. Venetucci said the soil was just too hard this year to raise pumpkins, and it breaks his heart.

Venetucci planted the seeds and nurtured the soil for the past 66 years. That's no small task for the 91-year-old. He still tends to his 200 acres, but he calls it a labor of love.

The end of a tradition will be felt hardest at nearby Venetucci Elementary. It's named after the family, and generations of students have visited the farm.

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