CU Sex Scandal

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A setback today for University of Colorado attorneys.

A federal magistrate judge told CU lawyers they will not be able to take a deposition of former C-U placekicker Katie Hnida.

Hnida has said she was raped by one of her teammates while at C-U, but never reported it.

University lawyers wanted to interview Hnida as part of the two lawsuits at the center of the C-U football recruiting scandal.

CU attorney Larry Pozner says the ruling does NOT prevent Hnida from testifying during trial.

The lawsuits were filed by former C-U student Lisa Simpson and another woman who say they were sexually assaulted by football players or recruits during a drunken off-campus party in December 2001.

No sexual assault charges were ever filed.

During a motions hearing today, U-S District Magistrate Judge Craig Shaffer did NOT rule on a request by the women's attorneys to allow Boulder County District Attorney Mary Keenan to testify as an expert witness. The status would allow Keenan to testify about her opinions -- a far wider scope of testimony that would otherwise be allowed.

The judge says he'll issue a ruling later.

During a deposition, Keenan said she believed C-U used sex and alcohol to entice top football recruits. Those comments, made public last January, ignited the recruiting scandal and prompted several investigations into the school's recruiting tactics.

Simpson's attorneys also withdrew their request seeking testimony from Daniel Predovich, a certified auditor and fraud examiner. A newspaper story revealed Predovich questioned some financial transactions when he reviewed school records for a grand jury investigation. The grand jury report has not been made public.