Standoff Suspect Faces Charges

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The suspect in Saturday’s police standoff in Pueblo was in court Monday.

Allan Walker, 33, is facing a long list of charges, including attempted murder, reckless endangerment and domestic violence. According to court documents, Walker tried to shoot his girlfriend but the gun malfunctioned.

After leading police on a brief chase, investigators say Walker ended up cornered in a yard in Pueblo’s Aberdeen neighborhood Saturday morning. That’s when the standoff began. Walker stood in the yard for more than four hours---holding a gun to his head. The standoff ended when a police sniper shot the gun from Walker’s hand.

Pueblo Deputy Police Chief John Ercul says this is only the second time in his 35-year career that officers have had to resort to such tactics to end a standoff. I felt certain that shot would create significant damage to his hand---possibly cause the loss of use of the hand for the rest of the man's life," said Ercul.

Amazingly, Walker was not hurt. He is being held in jail on $525,000 bond and will be back in court on January 24th.