Pueblo Standoff

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A standoff in Pueblo ends in gunfire. It happened Saturday morning near the intersection of Orman and Cleveland in the city’s Aberdeen neighborhood.

Deputy Police Chief John Ercul says it all started when Alan Walker got into a fight with his girlfriend. The woman called police and Walker took off with a handgun. Officers chased him for a short distance before he pointed the gun at himself and threatened suicide. That's when the standoff began.

Ercul says police utilized a remote control robot to bring Walker a cell phone and establish contact him, but those negotiations failed.

For several hours, police continued to wait. But Ercul they were finally forced to act when walker threatened to fire a bullet into the gas tank of a nearby SUV. He says that’s when the order was given for a sniper to take the handgun out of Walker's hand.

Officers rushed the suspect from all sides and the standoff was over. Except for some minor scrapes, Walker was uninjured.

Police say he will likely face a charge of attempted murder.