Quality of Life?

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Are you happy with the quality of life in the Pikes Peak region? A new survey says most people are.

The survey of 1,000 residents was funded by local businesses and organizations, and coordinated by the Pikes Peak United Way. It was conducted over the telephone. The surveyors wanted to find out how people feel about our community and the issues facing us.

According to these survey results, people seem to have very few complaints. More than 91 percent of those interviewed said they rate the quality of life in our region as good or excellent.

Residents were also asked about what is most important issue facing the region. Most people said traffic. But even as the No. 1 concern, that issue was only raised by 14 percent of those polled.

Jerry Smith with the United Way was surprised that issues like homelessness didn't seem to register with residents. He said that shows a need to educate the community that those problems do exist.

The survey also suggests that most residents don't have a strongly favorable opinion of our political leaders.