More Flu Shots Coming

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Another 66,000 flu shots are on their way to Colorado to ease the pressure from a nationwide shortage.

Officials haven't decided who'll get the shots from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The organization announced plans this week to distribute more than seven million doses it still has.

State Department of Public Health and Environment spokeswoman Lori Maldonado says it will review needs of various agencies before deciding how to dole out Colorado's share.

Colorado has more than a million people considered high-risk who should get flu shots. It's not clear how many have received them.

The state surveyed health care providers last month to inventory supplies and assess needs. The CDC's planned shipment was a result of that survey.

The shortage occurred when about 48 million doses of the flu vaccine were taken off the market because of contamination concerns at Chiron Corporation plants in the United Kingdom.

Two influenza cases have been confirmed in Colorado this season, one type A, which is more dangerous to adults, and one type B, which is harder on children.