Cheating Allegations

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The Air Force Academy is being hit with more allegations of cheating---this time involving two athletes and six cadets overall.

Academy spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Laurent Fox won't identify the cadets or specify the charges but confirms that six had gone before honor boards.

Fox says the boards already have recommended potential punishments to senior leadership. Fox says expulsion is possible, but each case will be weighed individually.

The Gazette of Colorado Springs is reporting that all six sophomores face cheating charges.

Meanwhile, Air Force athletics spokesman Troy Garnhart says backup running back Eddie Moss and basketball forward Dan Nwaelele have been suspended. Garnhart won't give details.

The academy's honor code bars lying, cheating and stealing or tolerating other cadets who engage in such behavior. Alleged violations are investigated by cadet-run boards, who forward their recommendations to leadership.

Earlier this year, 265 cadets were interviewed about possible cheating on an online test on military etiquette in April. Investigators say 19 had violated the school's honor code.