Missing Person Case

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The disappearance of a Colorado Springs woman is considered suspicious, especially now that her 21-year-old son has been arrested in northern New Mexico. On Wednesday afternoon, he took police on a high-speed chase in a vehicle that matches the description of his mother's missing car.

Beverly Mountz, age 55, was reported missing Tuesday night, along with her 1999 silver Dodge Durango. Right now, it’s not clear why her son, Nick Mountz, ran from police. But he is being held on an outstanding warrant for escape from the Colorado Department of Corrections.

On Tuesday, Beverly Mountz did not return to her home on Smokehouse Lane in Colorado Springs. Almost immediately, the family suspected her son had something to do with her disappearance.

Family members we spoke with say there have been long-standing problems between the Mountz and their 21-year-old son, Nick. They say he has been in and out of jail for car theft since he was 14-years-old. Now they believe he may have abducted his mother for money.

Beverly's husband, Wade, says he got a call from a muffled voice that he thinks was Nick. That caller demanded $25,000. What worries the family most is that two small pools of blood were found in the Mountz’s master bedroom Tuesday night.

Then just before 2 p.m. Wednesday came a break in the case. The New Mexico State Police dispatch center in Raton said that they were in pursuit of a vehicle near mile post 15 on Interstate 25. The vehicle was headed south. The vehicle and the driver matched the descriptions in the Mountz case. Just north of Raton, New Mexico, the Durango stopped and the driver was taken into custody.

Unfortunately, the missing woman was not inside the vehicle. At this hour, there is no new information on her whereabouts.

If you know anything about Beverly Mountz’s disappearance, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs or 542-STOP in Pueblo.