AFA Sexual Assault Reports

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The Pentagon's internal watchdog says a system that allows rape victims at the Air Force Academy to seek help confidentially won't stop the problem of sexual assault there.

A new report says unless the system changes, that practice "will continue to inhibit timely investigations and successful prosecutions, and is contrary to required investigator independence."

The full report by Department of Defense Inspector General Joseph Schmitz is to be released Tuesday.

In early December, an executive summary of the report was released. Full copies were obtained Monday by the Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post.

The longer version also names seven of eight Air Force Academy officials that it said shared responsibility for sexual assault problems.

Last year, nearly 150 women came forward with accusations that they had been sexually assaulted by fellow cadets between 1993 and 2003. Many alleged they were punished, ignored or ostracized by commanders for speaking out.