Fort Carson Deployment

More Fort Carson Soldiers are deploying to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. About 180 soldiers from the 360th Transportation Company and the 43rd Area Support Group deployed Tuesday.

Approximately 20 soldiers from the 394th Transportation Company based in Bell, California also left.

The soldiers are ready and prepared for almost anything as they enter one of the most dangerous and tense regions in the world.

One Fort Carson soldier says, "I'm proud, but also scared. I mean I'm proud to serve for my country, but at the same time, I'm a little nervous."

Compared to wars in earlier generations, this operation is a little different. There is a growing number of women serving the country. Tuesday, some of them left their children and husbands behind.

For one soldier, leaving her family is the toughest part of the mission. "Mostly telling the little ones I have to go to work for a long time, try to help my husband out, get him ready for being alone by himself."

Christina Renson tries to put the mission in perspective for herself and her family. "We talk about just how important it is that it's only one year out of the rest of our lives."

Although these troops play a supporting roles to those fighting on the front lines, their duties can be equally as dangerous.

"As part of the postal community, we are in the front lines because we do have to worry about the packages being legitimate. They could be bombs, we also run those risks as well."

This is the second tour for some of the soldiers in the 360th Transportation Company. Many soldiers say despite the risks, they are ready to use their training and anxious to support their comrades already fighting in Iraq.