Amber Alert Cancelled

An Amber Alert issued Sunday morning for 2 sisters... a 2 and a 4 year-old... was cancelled after both girls were found with the help of a watchful witness.

The 2 girls were supposed to be dropped off to their mother Saturday night at a drug store in Colorado Springs.

But their father, David Scott, never showed up.

The 3 were eventually located at a restaurant in Brighton after someone spotted them and called police. That's when Brighton police went to the restaurant and tasered the father.

As for the girls, according to Sergeant Chuck Potter of the Colorado Springs Police Department, "They are in very good health. They are not harmed in any way. They did have to use some degree of force... non-lethal force in making a contact arrest with the dad. And he is in custody."

The girls were re-united with their mother. David Scott will face charges of violating child custody orders.