All He Wants for Christmas

What's on Santa Claus's holiday wish list? A flu vaccine.

But did jolly old Saint Nick get his wish? No.

Kris Kringle for hire, "Santa Nick", says he tried to get his "claws" on a flu vaccine because of his constant exposure to young children, especially when he has "lap duty".

"I see just a little over 10,000 [kids]. [They] sit in lap and take photos."

But because of this year's vaccine shortage, the Centers for Disease Control has set up a strict criteria for who is allowed to received the shot. Unfortunately, Santa doesn't fall under any category.

But the Christmas spirit does live on. A local retirement home has volunteered to give Santa Nick a vaccine. As for the folks at the CDC? Well, they can expect a big lump of black, hard, flammable stuff in their stockings.