No-Call List Update

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Nearly one-half of the state's 2 million residential telephone numbers are off-limits to telemarketers because they are on Colorado's official no-call list.

State officials say about 968,000 Coloradans have signed up to block most phone solicitors under a law that went into effect July first. The fourth quarter list of telephone and fax numbers was made available to telemarketers Wednesday.

Telemarketers must pay up to $500 a year for access to the list depending on their number of employees. Three or more violations are subject to a fine of $2,000 per call or $10,000 per call if the consumer is a senior.

Out-of-state companies are not exempt, but companies you already do business with, such as banks and credit card companies, are allowed to make telemarketing calls. Political candidates are also exempt.

You can sign up by dialing toll-free 1-888-249-9097 or signing up online:

Colorado No-call List

Eds: Residential telephone and fax subscribers may add their names to the no-call list at or by calling toll-free 1-888-249-9097.