Split Decisions on Amendments

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Here's what Colorado voters decided in several statewide Amendment issues.

Amendment 34---Property Rights

With 88 percent of the vote in as of early Wednesday morning, Colorado voters overwhelmingly voted against Amendment 34---77% to 23%.

Amendment 35---Tobacco Tax

But voters also strongly supported a so-called "sin tax" for tobacco products. Amendment 35 was passing 61% to 39% with 88 percent of the vote counted.

Amendment 36---Presidential Electors

Voters also voted two-to-one against Amendment 36. That would have split up Colorado's electoral votes. Instead of a "winner-takes-all" scenario, this would have given out electorial votes to candidates based on the popular vote.

Amendment 37--Renewable Energy

A proposal aimed at requiring utilities to get more electricity from renewable energy sources has a six-point lead as of early Wednesday morning.

With 80 percent of the precincts reporting, 53 percent of voters have backed Amendment 37, while 47 percent have opposed it.

If the initiative is approved, Colorado voters will become the first in the nation to require utilities to get more electricity from renewable energy.

Supporters of the measure pitched it as a boost to both the environment and the economy, especially in rural areas where farmers and ranchers have leased their land for wind turbines.

But opponents including Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy warned in television ads that the measure could increase costs by up to $2 billion.