Lewis-Palmer H.S. Evacuated

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A bomb scare made the last day of school before the holidays a scary one at Lewis-Palmer High School. Investigators say 4 students are responsible for triggering a full-scale evacuation.

Officials say this is far from a whodunit. And if this was a prank, it's a serious one that holds some criminal consequences.

The good news is that no one was hurt, but students and staff spent most of the morning standing outside in the cold. They were first forced out around 8:15 when some smoke in the building set off alarms, bringing the fire department. They went back in only to be sent out again about an hour and a half later.

At that point the sheriff's office, ATF agents, and members of the bomb squad took over. They say they found at least 3-smoke bomb devices inside, likely homemade. And dangerous enough to evacuate the school.

That brought parents from across the area to pick up their kids. Officers also conducted car by car searches as students tried to leave on their own.

Investigators are talking with some kids who are likely responsible. No word yet on any arrests or charges at this point. Tests that were missed Friday will be rescheduled for after the holiday break.