Training Day

Sgt. Aaron Favors, a member of the communications section with Headquarters and Distribution Company, 115th Forward Support Battalion, serves a guard shift in one of Camp Rustamiyah's guard towers. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Erik LeDrew, 122nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)

More Fort Carson soldiers will deploy to Iraq soon. And with them, hundreds of Air Force personnel who've been training at the mountain post for the past month.

It's all part of a joint effort to get all the military branches combat-ready so they're better prepared for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Airmen from Arizona, Alaska, and Florida learned Sunday to travel in a convoy and what to do if they're attacked by enemy fire.

Although their main duty doesn't involve fighting on the battlefield, Major Aadam Trask says they have to be ready for anything.

"They'll be moving from one area to another and this prepares them to defend themselves."

The Airmen will deploy in the next month. After that, the Navy is next to be trained at the mountain post.