Gubernatorial Race Forum

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rollie Heath says Governor Owens' economic plans have failed and he would create an Internet sales tax and a job creation tax credit.

Heath told supporters at a union hall in Lakewood today that leaders shouldn't let Colorado's slide continue. Heath cited figures showing the state has gone from third to last in job growth in two years. And he says 66-thousand Coloradans have lost their jobs in manufacturing, telecommunications and technology.

Heath says Owens ignored economic rules when the economy was
good -- failing to invest in job-creating programs and implementing permanent tax cuts that Heath says took away the state's flexibility to survive a bad economy.

Heath's own plan would expand local hire initiatives, create an Internet sales tax, startup assistance and others.

Governor Owens did not attend the forum. In his place, his campaign manager, Sean Tonner, said Heath's proposals wouldn't work in the real world.

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