Voter Registration

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Colorado Democrats are crowing over the results of the most intensive voter-registration drives in memory. The push has landed them new voters at a faster clip than Republicans -- even in some heavily Republican counties.

However Republicans point out that they still have the edge going into Tuesday's election. In Colorado, 36.1 percent of voters are registered Republicans, compared with 30.4 percent for Democrats.

Unaffiliated voters are still the second-largest block with 33 percent and grew at the fastest rate--- just over 13 percent.

Kerry campaign spokesman Steve Haro widespread passion for change and anger with President Bush for the Democratic gains.

State Republican Party chairman Ted Halaby says that, being in third place, the Democrats just had that much more to make up than the GOP.

Statewide, Republican voter rolls grew by 83,078 people since January for a gain of 8 percent. Democrats added 94,956 voters, an 11.1 percent increase, over the same time period.

The ranks of unaffiliated voters grew the fastest this year, with an increase of 121,284 or 13.4 percent.