Official Misconduct

A 14-year law enforcement veteran has quit, after police found pictures of a half-naked man.

Charles "Chip" Broshous was charged with official misconduct, and given 2 years probation. The charges relate to an incident back in July.

According to court documents and other sources, Chip Broshous initially confronted an 18 to 20 year old man for underage drinking.

But instead of simply writing a ticket, as is usually the case, Broshous took the man to the police station and photographed him without his shirt on.

3 weeks ago Broshous admitted to taking the pictures and plead guilty to one count of official misconduct, a class 2 misdemeanor. At the same time, he resigned from the Colorado Springs Police Department.

He tells 11 News he has "Moved on and put this behind him".
Under Colorado Law, a police officer's certification can be revoked if the officer commits a misdemeanor.

Chief of police Lou Valez says the department has petitioned for Broshous' law enforcement certification to be revoked.