Apartment Complex Fire

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On Wednesday morning, fire damaged several units at the Lincoln Springs Apartments. That is near the intersection of Fountain & Chelton in Colorado Springs. One woman was taken to Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators say the fire started in the apartment where the woman was babysitting her friend’s three children. The kids, all under age 6, were not hurt. The first fire crews on the scene reported heavy smoke, so they immediately called it in as a “second alarm.”

Residents stood in disbelief as they watched fire crews battle the blaze. Many said they didn't know anything was wrong until people began pounding on doors. "I was in my house watching TV and the manager---they told me to get out. They were knocking on my door. They said, ‘There’s a fire! You gotta get out of the house,’" says resident Thomas Reist. He says it was a scary way to start the day. "I'm still shaking. My knees are still rattling."

The four people who lived in the burned apartment, along with the residents of five surrounding apartments, may be out of their homes for a while. “The manager has stated that they have additional units in this complex, or the one next door, where they can put displaced people so they wont have to go far to find housing," says Pat Rogacki of the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.