Qwest Turns Focus to "Service"

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Qwest Communications recently announced a change in its slogan. Gone is "Ride the Light," and the mantra now is "Spirit of Service." With that in mind, company executives have announced some changes that customers will hopefully find are positives moves.

Colorado's No-Call list has been extremely successful in its first few months of operation. Now, even if you're not on the list, Qwest is promising to call you fewer times during the dinner hour.

Qwest says its telemarketers will call customers 30% less than before, and never make door-to-door solicitations. However, the telemarketing calls won't completely disappear, but the company is cutting back those annoying dinnertime interruptions.

In August, Colorado's Public Utilities Commission received 166 complaints about Qwest. Over an entire year's time, it received 2,446 complaints.

Qwest executives say they are listening to customer complaints, so you'll see a few changes in how the phone company treats you. The company promises that when you call them, you'll talk to a person more quickly, and be transferred fewer times than before.

You'll also have more time available to talk to someone. Customer service hours are now expanding to 7 am to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Qwest also announce it is changing rates for private phone lines. Those changes have not yet been detailed, but would take effect in November.