Montrose Crash Update

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Actress Susan St. James is speaking out for the first time about the Montrose plane crash that killed her 14-year-old son and two crewmen.

In a network television interview Friday, she said she has spoken with her 21-year-old son, Charles, about the tragedy. He says the charter jet lifted briefly during takeoff, then tipped back and forth before crashing and burning. Also injured was St. James' husband and the boys' father, NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol.

Investigators say the plane was not de-iced before takeoff, though nothing has been ruled out as a potential cause for the crash.

St. James was on the plane, but got off in Montrose before the fatal takeoff. She says her husband has a cracked sternum and doesn't remember much about the crash.

She says Charles pulled his father to safety, but doesn't consider himself a hero because he couldn't save his younger brother, Teddy.