Cabinet Changes in Homeland Security

President Bush introduced Former Police Commissioner and military man Bernard Kerik as his choice to be the next cabinet member in charge of Homeland Security on Friday.

After the Sept. 11 attacks, Kerik helped to get New York back on its feet. Once he is confirmed, Kerik's duty will be to prevent further attacks on America.

Bush announced Friday, "I'm proud to announce my nomination of Commissioner Bernard Kerik as the secretary of homeland security. He was there when the twin towers collapsed. He knew the faces of the rescuers who rushed toward danger. He attended the funeral of the officers who didn't come back. The resolve he felt that morning will guide him every day on his job."

As a child, Bernard Kerik was abandoned by his mother. He later learned she was a prostitute. He was a tough kid, growing up in Paterson, New Jersey. Kerik dropped out of high school but eventually earned a degree.

He joined the military and later worked as an undercover narcotics officer. He eventually headed the narcotics department.

He praises the officers he worked with, "It is you and our great country that made it possible for a young boy raised on the modest streets of Paterson, New Jersey, whose dream was to become a cop, to stand today at the side of the president of the United States and accept this extraordinary nomination."

Bernard Kerik's most recent work has included work to re-build Iraq's police force.

Kerik will be replacing Tom Ridge. Ridge resigned shortly after the President's re-election.

Bernard Kerik is expected to be easily accepted by the Senate.