Lawsuit Over Sheriff's Response

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A man whose wife died after pit bulls attacked her last year has filed a lawsuit against the Elbert County sheriff's office.

Bjorn Osmundsen filed the lawsuit in federal court this week---one year after the death of his wife, 40-year-old Jennifer Brooke. Osmundsen says deputies didn't respond to his 9-1-1 call for more than an hour.

The first exhibit in the lawsuit is a letter Elbert County Sheriff William Frangis sent to county commissions four days before the attack. The letter begs for more funding. Frangis wrote that the county's refusal to better fund the sheriff's office was putting his deputies---and the public---at risk.

Three pit bulls attacked Brooke as she walked outside to feed her horses. The lawsuit says she bled to death. The dogs later attacked a neighbor, whose 16-year-old son shot the animals to death.