Organ Donation

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A man from Edwards and a living organ donor from Tennessee are said to be doing well this afternoon, as a kidney transplant procedure continues at a Denver hospital.

The transplant for 58-year-old Bob Hickey began about noon today at Presbyterian-Saint Luke's Medical Center. The procedure was
expected to take about four hours.

Officials say Hickey's vital signs, and those of his donor -- 32-year-old Robert Smitty of Chattanooga, Tennessee -- are good.

Hickey and Smitty met through a Web site called MatchingDonors-dot-com.

The transplant was originally scheduled for Monday, but the lead surgeon canceled the procedure at the last minute because of questions about how the two had met, and what arrangements the two had made between them.

The hospital's ethics committee decided yesterday to allow the operation -- as long as both men pledged that neither was profiting financially.