Waiting for Heart

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Seventeen people die every day while waiting for an organ transplant because there's not enough donors.

Thousands of people are waiting on the list...including little children. Her name is kityra... which is Native American for "warrior". And when you meet her, you'd agree... she lives up to that. She's been in and out of hospitals her entire life.

Kityra...kitty for short, has been waiting for a heart for almost two years. She's also missing her spleen and has stomach problems.

Just two weeks ago, the wait was over, and she got a new heart at a moment's notice. But it's been a long, tough road to get there.

Kitty was born with only half a heart. Her parents, Julia and Josh, found out Kitty would have problems before she was born, but they had no idea a heart transplant would be the only way to save kitty. She had her first surgery just 23 hours after she was born. She’s not even two years old yet, and she’s already had four major surgeries, two on her stomach and two on her heart.

But don’t tell Kitt she’s sick. Her smile still shines through, even though she’s put through a routine that would take a toll on most adults. Kitty's physical therapist comes once a week to the house to work with her,
and then Kitty's off to Children's Hospital in Denver twice a month for a check-up.

Doctors say overall, things look pretty good for Kitty.

She has had her new heart for two weeks, now. After the transplant, she got an infection and is in the hospital, but she's doing well.

We will continue to follow Kitty and her story of her new life.

If you're interested in learning more about organ donation log on to www.donoralliance.org