Flu Vaccine Shortages

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A number of medical groups have stopped conducting flu-shot clinics planned for the public amid a nationwide shortage of the vaccine caused by a major supplier's shutdown.

Maxim Healthcare operated flu-shot clinics for Costco, Albertsons and Walgreens. But spokesman Pete Montoya says Maxim won't hold any more retail clinics because its supply of the vaccine has run low.

A public flu-shot clinic called Flu-Central vaccinated more than
1,000 people a day last week, but expects to use all of its vaccine this week.

And the Air Force Academy says it won't offer flu shots during its Retiree Appreciation Day because of the shortage -- a change from previous years.

About 48 million doses of vaccine intended for the United States were taken off the market because of contamination concerns at plants in Britain.

Colorado Health Care Association president Arlene Miles says the shortage is causing a crisis in the state's nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. She says with so many at-risk people living in the same
facility, one person with the flu leads to a risk of epidemic proportions if residents aren't vaccinated.