Candidates Spending More for Ads

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The two front-runners in Colorado's District 11 Senate race are spending alot of money to try and get your vote.

There's one interesting school of thought: The candidate who buys the most TV advertising has a better chance of winning the race. A group called the Wisconsin Advertising Project makes that claim.

It also found that political spending for ads is skyrocketing. In the U.S. this campaign season, candidates nationwide will spend a record $1.2 billion in advertising. That's twice as much as just 2 years ago. Of course, ads cost more now.

One State Senate race is on-track to become the most expensive in Colorado history. Republican and El Paso County Commissioner Ed Jones is running against Democrat Tony Marino... for the District 11 seat. Both candidates plan to spend around $400,000 each just for television ads.

You don't usually see candidates in a Colorado General Assembly race appear in TV campaign ads. But Jones and Marino both say they're going to try to "outspend" or at least "match" each other. With production and air time, these candidates know it's costly to make a TV ad, but both also know it's worth it.

The winner of District 11 could possibly determine which party controls the Colorado State Senate. Right now, the Democrats have control. Right now, Marino and Jones each have one ad running. But you can expect to see more on TV as we near Election Day.

Just a reminder, the last day to register to vote in this November's election is Monday, October 7th.