Voter Registration Fraud

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Secretary of State Donetta Davidson won't appoint a special prosecutor to investigate voter registration fraud.

She rejected the request from the state Republican Party, saying there's no evidence that Democratic Attorney General Ken Salazar
has a conflict of interest.

Davidson says Salazar has taken an active role in looking into claims that some voters registered multiple times. She adds she saw no reason for GOP Governor Owens to ask Salazar to step aside.

Former U.S. Attorney Mike Norton told Davidson that Salazar can't be impartial while looking into claims that some groups turned in multiple registrations for voters because Salazar is running for the U.S. Senate.

Norton was accompanied by state Republican Party chairman Ted Halaby. Norton also says Davidson's decision to allow county clerks to
report fraud to district attorneys won't work because they can't
investigate crimes outside their judicial districts and lack subpoena power.