Soldier Charged

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A Fort Carson soldier is arrested and jailed on murder charges in the death of an Iraqi civilian in January.

Staff Sergeant Shane Werst, age 31, of El Toro, California, is accused of killing the Iraqi man while serving with the Third Brigade Combat Team out of Fort Carson.

The 3BCT is headquartered at Fort Hood, Texas. A Fort Hood spokesman says charges were filed against Werst within days after another soldier came forward to report the incident.

No word on how the victim, identified as Naser Ismail, died. Ismail was taken into custody by Werst's unit during a "cordon-and-search" operation in the Iraqi city of Balad in January.

The Army says Werst also is charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly trying to impede the investigation and influence witnesses.

Werst is one of a number of Fort Carson-based soldiers charged with crimes in Iraq. Two other members of the Third Brigade Combat Team are charged with manslaughter in the alleged drowning of an Iraqi man who was pushed off a bridge into the Tigris River in January.