11 News Looks At Job Consequences For Smoking Pot

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The first recreational marijuana shop is opening up in El Paso County. Maggie's Farm will open in Manitou Springs on Thursday afternoon.

11 News hit the streets to ask people if they plan to buy marijuana at Maggie's Farm.

“Go pot!” said Aidan Rosenau.

“I'm not happy,” said Karen Linamen.

“I actually believe that it will be a better thing for Manitou,” Dylan Moffett said.

It’s a mixed reaction, but then we asked if they've considered what their boss would think about it.

“I've been fired for smoking pot on the weekend and coming in and having a random drug test,” Moffett admitted.

Moffett is unemployed. He got fired from his construction job when he tested positive for THC.

"You don't have a job anymore because you relaxed on the weekend,” said Moffett.

11 News talked with David McDivitt of McDivitt Law Firm about employment law.

He says even if your company does not require random drug tests, you could still get fired if you're suspected of smoking pot.

"I think with greater frequency, you see employers just have something in their handbook that says, 'We're not going to do random testing but we reserve the right to test if we have reasonable suspicion that you're under the influence,'” explained McDivitt.

He says it's best to take a close look at your employee handbook or policy before you buy pot.

McDivitt also said your boss can't make you get tested if it's not in the company handbook, but they can fire you if they can prove that drugs are impacting your work performance.