11 Investigates: Potential Risks Of Phone Apps

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In this 11 Call For Action investigation, we are digging deeper into some smartphone apps that are popular among kids, but pose certain risks.

There is a blog going viral on Facebook by a social media specialist in Texas about the dangers of some apps.

She says parents need to be on the lookout for the following apps: Yik Yak, Snapchat, Kik Messenger, Poof, Omegle, Whisper and Down.

The concern is that some of the apps use GPS to track where the users are, and the users are anonymous, so it's hard to know who you're really talking to.

We are getting answers about how parents can keep their kids safe, when using smartphones.

11 News spoke with Don Begier, the Director for Information Technology for Academy District 20 in Colorado Springs.

He says the key is to be involved: talk to your kids, look at their phones and know exactly what apps they're using. He also suggests explaining to kids the risks of using these apps.

"Although these can be very powerful, positive apps, some of them can even be integrated into the curriculum that people who have bad intentions can turn them for bad, so we really want them to be aware," said Begier.

He says it's important to not scare kids, but just be honest. And he says parents need to stay on top of the changing technology because there are always new apps being developed.

To look at the viral blog about smartphone app dangers, click on the link on the side of the page.