11 Investigates: Apartment Owner Disputes Claims That Bills Aren't Paid

The owner of a troubled apartment complex is allegedly contesting reports that the complex is about to lose its utilities because the bill hasn't been paid.

Our 11 News Call For Action team has been investigating reports by tenants at the Pine Creek Village Apartments in Colorado Springs that all of their utilities will soon be disconnected because the landlord is overdue on bill payments. Outraged residents have told 11 News that they have paid all of their individual bills and don't understand what the complex is doing with the money.

“So where is my money going that I give them every single month that I work for? It's not something that just happened overnight. This has been going on for months for them to get a disconnection notice like this,” Layla Chapman said.

But the owner is reportedly telling residents that it's a problem with Colorado Springs Utilities--that the bills are actually paid. Springs Utilities, however, says that's not the case. CSU says the bills are still not paid, and the owner has not contacted them.

If the apartment owner doesn't come to an agreement with Colorado Springs Utilities soon, utilities at the apartment complex will be shut off. The building will then be condemned because it is unsuitable to live in and everyone will be forced to leave.

The Pine Creek Village Apartments, located in southeast Springs, have faced a string of problems over the last 15 months. 11 News was told by a spokesperson with the Colorado Springs Police Department that there have been 91 code enforcement cases at the Pine Creek Village Apartments from January 1, 2013 to April 9, 2014.