11 Call for Action Alert: Scammers Impersonate Sheriff's Deputy

MGN Online

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about scammers who are claiming to be deputies.

The crooks are apparently calling people on the phone, and telling them they owe a fine. The scammers then ask for a credit card number.

The sneaky thing about these scammers is that if victims call the number on their caller ID back, they will be connected to the sheriff's office. But the calls aren't connected to the sheriff's office at all.

Investigators say the crooks are using a smartphone app that allows the caller to enter a number other than their own. The decoy number then shows up on the potential victim's caller ID, adding an air of validity to the con.

The sheriff's office say they will never ask for payment over the phone.

Anyone who is contacted by these scammers is asked to call the sheriff's office at 390-5555.