11 Call for Action Alert: Scammers Claim to Benefit Fire Department

A Colorado woman said she wanted to help our her local fire department, but ended up getting ripped off my scammers instead.

Barbara Ollson and her husband own a business in Colorado Springs. They purchased laminated ads meant to be displayed on a refrigerator from a company called Firehouse Promotions.

She said the company told her if she bought the ads, the Colorado Springs Fire Department would benefit. The fire department said they aren't a part of the promotion, and they don't benefit from people who buy the ads.

Ollsom said now she is out $1,200.

"I just hate to have people being taken advantage of when we work so hard to do a good job with people and be fair," Ollson said.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department said people who are contacted by a business that claims to be affiliated with them should contact the department fire to verify that claim. The number is 719-385-7243.

KKTV 11 News checked, and Firehouse Promotions had an "F' rating with the Better Business Bureau.