11 Call For Action Investigation: Renter Upset After Tree Falls Into House

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In this 11 Call For Action investigation, a local woman is frustrated after a giant tree fell through her window.

She, like many people, rents her home and says it took days for her to get a hold of the property manager to come out and take care of it.

Dena Anderson, who lives on the southwest side of Colorado Springs, says she was out of town when it happened. Her neighbors say it came down a week ago.

Anderson and her husband had to cut away branches to get to their front door.

Inside, the tree broke through the window in their living room, sending pieces of broken glass everywhere.

"I just needed it out of my window. I mean I could have dealt with it in my front yard, but when it's in your house, it brings a whole lot of new challenges," said Anderson.

Now the tree is gone and the window is boarded up. Anderson says it took five days for someone from her property management company to come out and get the tree removed, even though she says she and her neighbors called them several times.

Anderson tells 11 News that Haley Realty manages the house.

An employee with the company actually came out while 11 News was at the house a few days ago. She did not want to talk on camera and wouldn't answer any of our questions.

She reportedly told Anderson the messages from the emergency maintenance hotline were not passed along to them and that is what caused the delay.

11 News also reached out to the owners of the house. One of the owners tells 11 News she and her husband were out of town when it all happened, and didn't find out about the tree until Monday.

The owner wouldn't comment on the response time by the management company.

If you are a renter and need some help dealing with your landlord, you can call Tenant Landlord Counseling at 303-237-0230.

We called the number and person we spoke with says in most cases, the landlord is responsible to take care of things like this right away. If the house is badly damaged and is unlivable, the landlord should pay for the renter to stay somewhere else while repairs are made.

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