11 Call For Action Alert: Scammers Won't Stop Calling

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A local woman is frustrated because she says she is getting more than a dozen calls every day from a company that offers to lower her interest rate.

The woman doesn't want us to use her name, but says she thinks it's a scam and doesn't know what to do to make the calls stop.

She says this has been going on for months, and it seems to be getting worse.

The recording says she is eligible for a lower interest rate, but never says what company it's for.

"We have tried calling back a number right after they call and it's given as a disconnected number. A minute later you'll get a call from that number again."

She is already on the no-call list, and just wants to make the calls stop.

"It's harassment. Obviously at this point when they're calling you that many times you're not going to call them back and give them your credit card number, which is ultimately what they're looking for."

She has filed a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General's office. 11 News reached out to them to see if they are investigating the complaint. A spokesperson tells 11 News they are not allowed to discuss complaints that have been filed.

The spokesperson for the Colorado Attorney General's office says for people who find themselves in this situation, do not answer these calls and let them go to voicemail.

The spokesperson goes on to say that sometimes callers are not necessarily scammers, but work for marketing companies and are trying to determine what time of day you are more likely to answer the phone.

If you are on the no-call list and are getting unwanted calls, you can file a complaint. Just click on the link below.

According to Colorado Springs Police, you can also file a phone harassment complaint through them. Just click on the link below.

11 News will keep looking into this to see if there are other options to make unwanted calls stop, and we'll let you know what we find out.