11 Call For Action Alert: Scammers Call About Fake Credit Card Issue

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A local woman says she got a call from a scammer claiming to be with credit card services.

In this 11 Call For Action Alert, she wants everyone to be on alert for these calls.

The Colorado Springs woman, who doesn't want us to use her name, says the scammer called her on her cell phone.

The caller said there was an issue with her account and that this was her final notice.

She's worried the caller was ultimately after her personal information.

The woman doesn't have a credit card, so the call was suspicious from the beginning.

According to Chase Security Services' website, if you get a suspicious call, hang up and call the company directly to see what's really going on.

They recommend calling the number on the back of your credit card or the number on your statement, and don't respond to a call or email that threatens to close or suspend your account if you don't do something immediately.

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