11 Investigates: Rental Scam In Southern Colorado

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Crooks are trying to scam people in Southern Colorado who are looking for a place to live.

This is a scam we've told you about before, but it keeps happening to people in Southern Colorado.

Rachel Deckers tells 11 News she was looking on a popular website for house rentals in Colorado Springs, when she came across a listing for a nice house for rent.

She says it was really cheap and all the utilities were included, but the homeowner wanted Deckers' personal information and $1,300 wired to a bank account as a deposit.

Deckers says she knew it was a scam. She did some digging, and found out the house was actually for sale. The scammer had stolen pictures of the house and listed it as "for rent" with his own contact information.

The experts say to be careful if anyone asks you to wire money to an account; that is a big red flag that something isn't quite right.

Also, ask to meet the landlord in person and see the house for yourself before you put down any money.

If receive an offer that you think is suspicious, you can always contact the 11 Call for Action Team at 719-457-8211.