11 Call For Action Alert: BBB Warns About Email Scam

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The Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado is warning about a dangerous scam that involves your email.

It's called a phishing scam. You get an email in your inbox that looks like it's from the BBB. It says there is a complaint against your business or a customer has submitted a review of your business.

It doesn't matter if you own a business or not; if you click on the link or download the attachment, your personal information is at risk.

"Because it shows up as a BBB.org link, people instantly let their guard down," said Matt Barrett, the CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado.

The link in the email looks like it will take you to a BBB page. However, it will actually direct you to a website that puts malware on your computer, which allows hackers access to your computer so they can find your usernames and passwords.

The attachment in the email is actually a virus. If you open it, you will get a pop-up screen that says your computer is infected and will offer to clean your system for a fee. Scammers are on the other end, waiting to get their hands on your credit card numbers.

"Because that's really what they're looking for is personal information that they can then gather so they can escalate this scam and try to get your money," said Barrett.

If you get the email, don't open it and contact the BBB right away to let them know.

The BBB tells 11 News if you own a business and there is a real complaint against you, they are taking extra steps right now to notify owners.

The bottom line is if you get an email and you're not sure if it's real, call the BBB directly to verify.

To contact them, call 719-636-1155 or Toll Free 1-866-206-1800.