11 Call For Action Alert: ADT Offers Reward To Catch Scammers

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A home security company is offering a reward to help catch scammers.

ADT will give $25,000 to anyone who can give them proof that a company is training its sales team to lie to customers to get their business.

ADT officials tell 11 News scammers are going door to door, misleading people into having their security systems replaced when they don't need to be. They often trick homeowners into signing a new contract with someone else.

"A lot of times people end up finding out they've signed a long term contract with a company that requires them to pay a lot of dollars per month and it's not the company they thought they were contracting with," said ADT Chief Legal Counselor David Bleisch.

Bleisch says scammers often lie and say ADT has gone out of business, or the homeowner needs to upgrade their equipment. The scammer might also claim to be with the alarm panel manufacturers.

ADT is hoping people will come forward with proof that companies are training salesman to lie. ADT says the evidence must result in successful prosecution of these scammers.

The key in these situations is to ask a lot of questions to find out exactly who you're dealing with.

"We recommend if a salesperson knocks on your door uninvited then be sure to ask them for identification showing who they work for," said Bleisch.

He also tells me you should call your security company directly to confirm what the person at the door is telling you.

He says don't be pressured to make any decisions on the spot, and make sure you read the contract very carefully before you sign anything.

For more information about the reward that ADT is offering, click on the link below.