11 Call For Action Alert: Scammers E-mail Fake Arrest Warrant

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PENROSE, Colo. A local woman says she received an e-mail that said there's a warrant out for her arrest. The e-mail was sent Cindy Fouche of Penrose, and asked that she pay $50,000 to get out of the arrest.

In this 11 Call for Action Alert, she wants to warn others about this scam.

"I thought this was odd, because I've never done anything ever, never even have got a ticket," said Fouche,

When Fouche received that e-mail, Wednesday, she panicked, and headed down to the Canon City Police Department to check it out.

"He said that he hadn't seen that one, but there are a lot of scam going on with law firms and when you call them, they'll set up a credit card to take money and they'll convince you that you owe a fine you or that you owe this much money or be arrested," said Fouche.

The e-mail was a scam, and there was no warrant her arrest. "He said if we wanted to arrest you , we'd just come to your door at 3 o'clock in the morning... kind of making a joke," said Fouche.

The e-mail looks real, it's from a law firm, and it's even signed by a judge, so what's wrong with it? You can never pay your way out of an arrest.

11 News Reporter Gina Esposito called the number listed in the e-mail, but every time the line was busy. She also searched the number online, and found that other people received the same e-mail, and tried to warn others it's just fake.