AFA Retirement Rules

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A bill before Congress would change the retirement rule for the Air Force Academy superintendent.

It would allow that person to take other jobs instead of retiring from the service after three years at the academy, as the law now requires.

The provision is part of a defense budget bill expected to win final passage after the November second election. It also would allow superintendents to serve at the school for four years, instead of three.

Colorado Congressman Joel Hefley and Senator Wayne Allard say removing the retirement provision will give superintendents more incentive to do a good job.

A commission that investigated the academy's 2003 sexual assault scandal recommended eliminating the mandatory retirement provision.

Another change in the bill requires the academy's Board of Visitors to meet more often. The bill also says members could be removed if they miss two straight meetings without a good excuse.

A third change would require the academy's dean of faculty to have a doctoral degree.