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State Congressman Mike Merrifield is criticizing Republicans for a mass mailing that labels him a lawbreaker.

The mailer says the El Paso County district attorney will investigate the Democrat over G-O-P complaints that he broke campaign finance reporting laws.

But District Attorney Jeanne Smith says she won't investigate the complaints.

The mailer was sent by the state Republican Party. Merrifield is running for the state House against Kent Lambert, who says he had nothing to do with it.

State party spokesman Bill Ray says the campaign finance complaint was under investigation at the time the mailing was done.

Republicans had complained that Merrifield underpaid rent for an office and should've reported that as a gift or honoraria but didn't.

Merrifield has said he used the office for an hour or two each week for about seven months last year. He's filed an amended report with the secretary of state saying the estimated value of the donated rent was 140 dollars.