CSU Fraternities, Alcohol/Substance Abuse Free

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Fraternities at Colorado State University will soon look a lot different. After the alcohol poisoning death of a 19 year old woman, CSU's Greek organizations decided a month ago to become alcohol-free and
substance abuse-free.

The school has 23 fraternities and 15 sororities, but only 12 fraternities and eight sororities have their own houses. All eight of those sororities already are alcohol-free. The new rules primarily effect only five fraternity houses that had allowed alcohol.

Delta Tau Delta president Chuck Cecil says it's a good transition and will be the best thing for the Greek system in the long run.

But CSU Intrafraternity president Patrick Hutchinson says officials expect widespread acceptance of the new rules to be a difficult thing to win. Sigma Chi fraternity member Joe Marshall says it likely will be several years before the goal is fully realized.