School Terror Warning

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A warning Thursday for schools across the nation; keep a sharp eye out for any possible terrorist threats. This in response to a deadly attack on a school in Russia.

There are no signs that any school in Southern Colorado or across the country will come under siege, but federal officials say there are some lessons to learn in the name of school safety.

The terrorist raid on a school in Beslan, Russia took a tragic toll. Nearly 340 people were killed, most of them students. It's a grim reminder that student safety is at the top of most priority lists.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security's assessment of the situation is outlined in a five page letter. It's addressed to every school in the nation, including Southern Colorado. Inside it gives a heads up to every district.

District 11's Elaine Naleski says that means going back over a crisis plan. Palmer High's Assistant Principal Tom Kelly points out that's already standard procedure at most schools, following the attacks on Columbine.

Federal officials suggest a double check on potentially threatening behavior, such as anyone watching the school or following buses along their routes. Inquiries into school structural plans may also be suspect.

Kelly sees an opportunity for community involvement. Although there's no current threat, safety is still priority one.

A look at the threats on schools over the past two years reveals that most are hoaxes tied to criminal activity, and not terrorism. Federal officials still are pushing administrators to be alert and review those procedures already in place.