Hispanic Population Increasing

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New Census figures show that about 90,000 Hispanics have moved to the Front Range in the past three years.

According to the latest Census report, Douglas County is leading the way with a 45% increase from 2000 to 2003. There are now more than
618,000 Hispanics in the area.

The change is not going unnoticed by Republicans and Democrats. Both parties are offering pamphlets and Internet sites in Spanish and spokesmen for Spanish radio and television stations. They're also making sure Hispanics are represented in leadership positions.

Democrats say Attorney General Ken Salazar's bid for the U.S.
Senate is providing a boost in their outreach. Salazar is the first
Hispanic elected to statewide office in Colorado. Pary spokeswoman Julie DeWoody says Hispanic have been hurt by President Bush's policies on education and health care.

But, state Republican Party chairman Ted Halaby says the Republican Party often shares Hispanics' views on issues such as family values, abortion and marriage.