Kobe Bryant Case

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A judge has formally accepted Kobe Bryant's withdrawal of a request to seal all court filings and evidence in his sexual assault case.

The move paves the way for prosecutors and the Eagle County sheriff's department to release previously sealed records.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Kim Andree says authorities had begun reviewing the records. They're removing the name of the alleged victim and other information that could constitute an invasion of privacy under state law, such as mental health records.

Several news organizations including The Associated Press requested access to the sealed portion of the case file shortly after September first.

That's when prosecutors dropped the felony sexual assault charge
at the alleged victim's request.

Bryant's attorney Pamela Mackey had successfully asked the judge to temporarily prohibit the release until she could make a case for
permanently sealing them.

She withdrew the request yesterday. She says that as long as prosecutors released all documents, she believes the public should be able to see them to review prosecutors and investigators' actions and decisions.

She had argued that the records contained embarrassing information and there was no legitimate need to release them.